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    Willie & Esther

    Appearing as Esther

    Congratulations to Malika Perkins Blessing and Danny De Lloyd for their outstanding performance last night. It's always amazing to see the development and transformation of actors. I was blessed to see the process in its entirety. To my wife/ #DIRECTOR Tiffany Rebecca Royale you are as talented a director as you are an actress. Congrats to everyone involved for a great night of theater. This is a play that needs to be seen. One night is not enough!
    - Michael Higgenbottom, Actor, Writer & Rapper

    What an awesome night in theater! So proud of this delightful piece by these two incredibly gifted people! Congratulations DIRECTOR Tiffany Rebecca Royale on an OUTSTANDING job! That was quite a script and you did EVERY beat justice! WOW! This is JUST the beginning for all of you! Soar!!
    - Kinnik Sky Producer/ Actress/ Writer

    I'm truly sad that I couldn't stay for the entire show because I know without a doubt my big sis Malika Perkins Blessing and bro Danny De Lloyd brought down the house! I witnessed just a taste of Willie and Esther, and I'm def hungry for more! Nothing left to say but, it's your time! Soar! Keep reigning king n queen, the work speaks for itself. My sis Tiffany Rebecca Royale is a directing genius! When you and Malika get together you best believe they coming correct!
    - Lauren Elliot, Actress

    I haven't had a chance to share before now, Danny De Lloyd and Malika Perkins Blessing DID THAT!!! It was truly a Stellar performance! I could stand to see this again!!! The writing was also brilliant by James Graham Bronson, the set was amazing and told it's own story designed by Byron Nora! and the Costume Designer by non other then the incomparable Mylette Nora! And lets definitely not leave out the multi-talented Director Tiffany Rebecca Royale! And not taking away anything from the Men, however, we need more female directors in this industry!!! Great job everyone for this long awaited masterpiece!!! BRAVO!!!
    - Renda Pettis, Actress

    Kudos to Malika Perkins Blessing , Danny Delloyd, Tiffany Rebecca Royale & Jimmy Walker Jr. for an awesome evening of theater. Everyone enjoyed the play and the performances were stellar! Tiffany,'s direction was on the money too. If u missed it, u missed a show full of comedy, drama and fun! Y'all did that!!! Congrats!!!
    - Don B. Welch, Writer & Producer

    So proud of these two!! An amazing presentation of entertainment. Great direction by Tiffany Rebecca Royale and awesome staging! And outstanding acting job by two very versatile actors who were in their element on stage! Bravo Malika Perkins Blessing and Danny De Lloyd ENCORE! ENCORE!
    - Scott St. Patrick, Actor

    Malika Perkins Blessing and Danny De Lloyd you two were a class act! Excellent artistry. My congratulations to the writer James Graham Bronson. The writing was awesome. I was so proud of the fabulous director Tiffany Rebecca Royale. It was wonderful to see Jimmy Walker Jr on the stage along with Jaimyon Parker. Your entire cast and crew did an amazing job. It was a wonderful evening at the theater, and I just hate I didn’t get to give you all big hugs. I was under the weather and needed to get home. The wonderful thing about this community I find myself apart of, is the love and friendship that is developed. I saw soooooo many wonderful people I hadn’t seen in a while, and that made me smile. I won’t mention names because I don’t want to miss anybody. God bless you all and keep rising.
    - Gloria Morrow, Writer, Author & Producer

    Congrats Malika Perkins Blessing and Danny De Lloyd! Great job. And Tiffany Rebecca Royale your direction was great too. Willie and Ester was such a good play. Great night!
    - Crescent Imani, Writer

    A great time out with my peeps supporting my peeps in their hilarious rendition of Willie & Esther Stageplay! Lots of dialogue to learn and Malika Perkins Blessing and Danny DeLloyd handled it Masterfully!! Tiffany Rebecca Royale a talented muse whom I adore Directed a SHOW! Very tough to do with 3 Actors!
    - Anika McFall, Actress

    It was a dream come true. FINALLY, the "Willie & Esther" the world needs to see. - James Graham Bronson, Writer

    I enjoyed Willie and Ester Great Job Malika Blessing and Danny DeLloyd and Tiffany you did that. The Set was Awesome.
    - Tasha Biltmore, Producer & Writer

    Malika Perkins Blessing Danny De Lloyd you guys were awesome! It was like watching a broadway show!! Tiffany Rebecca Royale you directed the hell out of that show! Bravo Team.
    - Peggy Taylor, Costume Designer

    Good time supporting Malika Perkins Blessing and Danny De Lloyd on their evening of storytelling. Willie and Esther was hilarious and heart felt. I thank you Tiffany Rebecca Royale and the rest of the cast/crew. Special mention to Ella Joyce and thank you Naté R Jones, Tammi Mac and the awesome Donald Welch! Whew...
    - Markietha Ka'Von Singleton, Writer, Producer & Actress