Television & Film Experience

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    Wicked City

    Appearing as Caden

    Malika Blessing plays Caden, a guardian and warrior that protects witches and human kind when five witches accidentally kill one of their own during a spell. They use forbidden death magic to resurrect their friend, only to face new dangers when they bring back more than they bargained for and uncover dark secrets that attract dangerous enemies their way.

    Starring Vanessa Bell Calloway, Taylor Ellene Polidore, Shaquita Smith, Mercedez McDowell, Chanel Mack, and Malika Blessing. See more at IMDB - "Wicked City" star Malika Blessing joins Good Day CW31

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    Tess & Jackie: #LifeAF

    Appearing as Jackie

    Tess and Jackie played by actresses Tiffany Rebecca Royale and Malika Blessing set out to live their best life possible, the only problem is... Life is getting in the way!!!


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    Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots

    Appearing in Season 7 Episode 11

    The Haves and the Have Nots is an American crime drama and soap opera created, executive produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry. The premise of the series is based on Perry's 2011 play of the same name. See more at IMDB

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    The Perfect Man

    Appearing as Tracey

    This relationship drama by Paul D. Hannah, based on the popular stage play, tells the story of a couple named Russell and Bailey, who have chosen to stay together for their son, despite their crumbling relationship. But when junior leaves for college and Russell finally decides to leave, it soon becomes clear that their marriage is not as over as they once thought.

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    Machete Joe

    Appearing as Thelma Beard

    A group of unemployed actors decide to take their future in their own hands by producing and starring in a movie based around an urban legend. But they regret their idea when life imitates art and dead bodies begin turning up in every corner and things become all-too real when they encounter a blade-wielding maniac. -- Winner of BEST THRILLER at the The San Diego Black Film Festival

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    The Lost Souls Cafe

    Appearing as Stevi

    Loretta Devine, Christian Keyes and Kiki Haynes star in this explosive musical drama about family, friends, corruption and redemption. A former 70’s soul singer now runs a club with her nephew whose gambling issues put everyone, including the club, in jeopardy. -- Premiered Easter Sunday on TV One.

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    Bag Lady

    Appearing as Cassandra

    A mysterious bag lady seems to know when women have lowered their values and morals for a man. She warns suspecting women of their relationship troubles ahead and pleads with them to find self-resolve before it's to late. Actress and radio host, Tammi Mac brings the bag lady in this dramatic and mystical web series to life.


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    Grim Weaver

    Appearing as Desiree Diamond

    Their marriages were perfect, or so it seemed. They had beautiful wives, talented children, powerful careers, wealth in abundance. But, lurking beneath the glossy exteriors of their narcissistic lives was a secret so dark, so dangerous, so deadly that it sent a spiritual emissary to lay claim to their lives! Will they survive this killer from beyond the grave? - Ernest and Michelle Serrano's "Grim Weaver"

  • Theatrical Experience

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    Don B. Welch's Love Is A Two Way Street

    Appearing as Carol

    Love on a Two-Way Street is a live stage play about family, friendship, the ups & downs of relationships, and the complications of "love." Starring Vanessa Williams, Dorien Wilson, Erica Ash, Darius McCrary, Kelly Price, Tony Rock, Amin Joseph, and Kiki Haynes, Love on a Two-Way Street follows each character on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Presented by UMC - the FIRST and LARGEST streaming service dedicated to Black TV and Film.

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    Don B. Welch's Lord Don't Move My Mountain

    Appearing as Crystal

    Welch Productions Presents "Lord Don't Move My Mountain" starring: Donisha Brumfield, Malika Blessing, Sidney Williams and Delores Lakey Stewart.

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    Don B. Welch's I'll Be Home for Christmas

    Appearing as Diane

    Welch Productions Presents “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” starring: Marla Gibbs, Ernest L. Thomas, Jackie Christie, Shanice Wilson with Malika Blessing and Bishop Sherman Gordon who co-stars as “Chase” in this hilariously funny stage play.

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    Willie & Esther

    Appearing as Esther

    Local Theater team up to produce Willie & Esther, a comedic and heartfelt story of a couple fighting to survive life in LA. While pushing to get to the next level they end up pushing the boundaries of their relationship hoping to eventually escaping their Stark reality.

    Willie & Esther are portrayed by Danny De Lloyd and Malika Blessing. The duo has enjoyed such accolades as actors: Danny De Lloyd, NAACP Theater award winner, Best Male Actor in a Series, Best Dramatic Actor of the Year. Malika Blessing, LAWebfest award for Best Dramatic and Comedy Actor and NAACP Theater nominated actress.

    Willie & Esther is a compelling production produced by Pamela Goodlow Green with NAACP Theater Award winner Tiffany Rebecca Royale as the director. This amazing Samuel French published play was written by James Graham Bronson and includes a special guest appearance by Jimmy Walker, Jr.

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    Martin Duty Calls

    Appearing as Rosa Parks, Dora McDonald & Eleanor Charles

    “Martin Duty Calls” is a stage play written by Roy Parker, directed by David Wendell Boykins and produced by Story Teller Productions and Davehouse Productions. “Martin Duty Calls" has been performed to Sold Out audiences throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood CA.

    "Martin Duty Calls" was created to open the eyes of a new generation about what was done in Dr. King’s time to achieve the gains we have today. We as a people have a great many achievements to be proud of. We’ve overcome on many fronts. But as long as the unemployment rate in the black community is twice that of the national average, as long as the Incarceration rate of black men and boys due to racial profiling and police brutality continue to rise, as long a Black neighborhoods are safe havens for black on black crime and drug abuse, as long as black women continue to be the group most susceptible to HIV and AIDS, as long as voter rights inequality still exist in this country, the struggle is not over.

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    A Rose Among Thorns

    Production Stage Manager

    "A Rose Among Thorns" explores the person at the center of the famous incident which sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott movement, Rosa Parks. Not only a woman with a quiet dignity, but a woman with a quiet fire who is fully human with emotions. Strength. Weakness. Humor. Triumphs. A real human being, not just an iconic figure. This loving collection of historical information seeks to straighten out the occasional misinformation that sometimes surrounds her "famous incident". Growing up in Detroit, Ms. Joyce feels that she shares a type of "hometown kindred spirit" and a love for the community with Rosa Parks.

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    Angry Insecure Men

    Appearing as Kali

    Written and Produce by Angel Terron, "Angry Insecure Men" deals with a woman and her past three abusive relationships. Mari has to find out why these abusive demons haunt her. Finding her faith and discovering her mother has the key to a very huge secret that might help her understand. Bringing awareness to Domestic Violence through a riveting performance. Abuse comes in many shapes, and forms. Will Mari ever really find true love, or will she be loved to death?

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    Bus Stops

    Appearing as Sheila

    Award-winning playwright Jaimyon Parker's original drama "Bus Stops" takes an eye-opening look at the epidemic of homeless teens on the streets of Los Angeles and its surrounding communities. Watch as events unfold at two different bus stops, where homeless teens deal with tough experiences and emotions, from prostitution to love and fear. A percentage of the ticket sales were donated to Los Angeles Youth Network.

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    Appearing as Best Friend

    "Secrets" focuses on Evan and Merisha Coleman struggle to save their marriage amidst mounting secrets that eventually come to light. The play explores infidelity, lies, lack of attention and communication, and much more. "If you ever wondered why men and women cheat or have been cheated on, then you will want to see this play. Seeing this play will help people better understand why others cheat." said writer/director, Wallace Demarria. "If you pay attention, you can save any relationship after watching this play. Even perfect couples can go from ideal to destructive, but how these couples communicate with each other affects the final outcome of the relationship. Only time will tell if they can reconcile."