WNBA Legend

Having completed a 15 year professional basketball career not only in the WNBA, but Spain, Italy, France and Japan - the transition is natural because the world for Kym has always been a stage. A graduate of Arizona State University, she received her bachelor’s degree in theater but will go down in the university’s history book as one of the most decorated hoop players to wear a Sun Devil’s jersey.

Musician & Actress

Singing has always been a love of Kym’s, and she was a regular at a nightclub (Insomnia) in Italy. The multi-talented Hampton has also had the opportunity to grace the television and film world during guest appearances on the “Cosby Show”, “Rosie”, NBA TV, The Bobby Flay “Throw Down” and celebrity “Wheel of Fortune”. Her film experience includes “JuWanna Mann” and “She Hate Me” so far.

Model & Spokesperson

During Kym’s WNBA career and since then, she has become a plus size model in fashion as well as cosmetics. She is an original Cover Girl Queen Collection model featured in a nation-wide commercial. She has found herself in GLAMOUR, ESSENCE and other magazines. Kym has worked with photographers like Francesco Scavullo and Daniel Green. She is also a spokesperson for the NBA, WNBA, New York Liberty and New York Knicks.

Online Resume

Kym Hampton has lived one dream through basketball and is pursuing others in the world of sports and entertainment. As a person who has always worked to reach goals and follow her dreams, she also encourages everyone to do the same, especially our youth. Two of her favorite sayings are; “Be the best YOU that you can be.” and “As adults, we must lead with our actions, not our words”.
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