My art is about balancing spontaneity and energy with discipline and intention. Making art is a process that one has to have an ultimate faith that, with enough passion and attention, something worthy will be born. For me, as an artist, there is nothing more challenging or beautiful than a blank canvas: anything is possible, and yet nothing is certain. I abstract landscapes, people, and objects so that my paintings feel like something without actually being that something. I aim for a wider interpretation that allows for constant renewal in the viewer’s mind. I am a fourth generation Californian and have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area most of my life. I aspire to making art that is aesthetically interesting, yet edgy and ambiguous. I am inspired to express the beauty in the chaos: shorelines in nature and industrial wastelands; the human figure and conflicting emotions. I myself am at once full of angst and of a profound sense of gratitude; full of discomfort and great pleasure. A modern life, indeed!

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