I sat down with Youth Media to give my advice to young women all over the world. #TEAMYOU (Click the video to watch)

Singing has always been a love of mine and I was a regular at a nightclub (Insomnia) in Italy. Here is a live performance with AffinitiNYC. (Click video to watch)

On December 6th, 2014, Arizona State University honored and hung my jersey in the rafters of the Wells Fargo arena in Tempe Arizona. I felt so proud to be there!

My beautiful, smart and very talented daughter A'riel and I. What a blessing she is and I am so grateful for her presence in my life.

Madison Square Garden is a living entity. There is something magical about playing and/or performing at the Garden that doesn't happen in any other arena. Having the opportunity to both play and sing at Madison Square Garden has been a true highlight and blessing. This photo is the newly renovated Stated of the Art "Madison Square Garden."

This was my "ONE MONTH REVEAL" on a new daytime TV series called The Revolution. It was an American health and lifestyle talk show with reality television components. The show transformed the lives of a few selected women by catering to our individual areas of need. The five areas were; fashion, fitness, physical health, mental health and personal space. I ended up losing a total of 67 pounds and was able to finally started dealing with transitioning my life into a new phase.

We were 3rd in the WCAA conference and posted a 25 – 7 record that season. It was the last regular season game of the year and USC was making a strong run for the AIAW Division 1 Championship. It was a close game and I had double trouble in the paint with the McGee twins (Paula defending me). As the lead fluctuated, I kept saying to myself “we can beat them.” That is exactly what happened, we won 53 – 51 and Louisiana Tech went on to win the AIAW Championship.

The last regular season home game is “Fan Appreciation Night.” In 1997, I sang the National Anthem for the first time at a Liberty game. The first time I ever sang the Anthem was at Madison Square Garden for a Knicks vs. Heat play-off game that same year (talk about scary). Singing the Anthem on Fan Appreciation night has become a New York Liberty tradition, and a complete honor!

The ceremonial tip of the first WNBA game June 21st, 1997. That day was like being on an emotional roller coaster. It was hard to stay focused on basketball because of the media, interviews and photos. We were also nervous because we knew the world would be watching live via NBC or at the great Western Forum in Los Angeles.

In October/November 2003 Spike Lee contacted me and ask if I would audition for a new movie he was making, “She Hate Me”. He told me what it was about and I said sure. I was so nervous because I knew I lacked acting skills but I went anyway. I auditioned, got the part and had an amazing experience working with Spike. To date, people ask me about that movie.

In November 2012 I happened to get stuck in Los Angeles during the Hurricane Sandy storm and remember watching TV in awe at the devastation. When the airports finally opened, I returned to NY and volunteered with the Madison Square Garden, Knicks family. We went out to various communities that were hit hard giving out clothing, coats, hats, diapers, sox, pajamas, sox, gloves, toiletries, etc. These people had lost everything and yet they were hopeful – even though their home looked like this.