About the Project

Big Sur to Mendocino is a book with 114 color plates of my paintings made along the California Coast with a history of people & places.

Big Sur to Mendocino is an extensive book, with 114 color plates of paintings made along the California Coast over a 22 year period by painter-author Kevin Milligan. Some of the paintings portray the natural topography of the Coast like an estero, estuary, coves, rivers, archways, islets, cliffs and headlands. Other paintings depict architecture made by the diverse population that settled the coast like; Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian pioneers. These structures include a Spanish Mission, Russian Fort, Palace of Fine Arts, Portuguese Fraternal Hall, Lighthouse, Masonic Temple, Farm House, Barns, General Store, Garage, Victorian House, Joss House, Presidio Chapel, and Gothic Church. These visuals are paired with a text that describes the compelling stories of these pioneers.

In addition, the text of the book also celebrates artists who have been inspired by the California Coast or who used it as a subject. Authors, poets, musicians, architects, photographers, actors and painters like James Dean, John Steinbeck, Henry Miller, Robinson Jeffers, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Millard Sheets, Armin Hansen, E. Charlton Fortune and others.

5 boxed sets of note cards are also part of Big Sur to Mendocino. These note cards include history facts that illuminate the people and places of this magnificent stretch of California Coast. The Boxed Note Card Sets can be viewed above.

Big Sur to Mendocino is a huge project for one person. But with funding I will be aided by the talents of an Editor, Designer, Film-Color Expert and Printer. My budget is necessary to pay these professionals for their expertise and service. The book is hard bound, with a color jacket and 114 color plates which are expensive elements to produce but contribute to a quality high end book. I reside near the designer, editor and color expert so I can work closely with them and oversee the progress. Color proofs will be created nearby in Monterey and then sent to the printer in Asia to speed up the proofing process. The books and boxed note cards will be printed in Asia and then be shipped across the Pacific to the Port of Oakland and then trucked to Carmel. The project is printed overseas because American Printers could not make the detailed boxes or handle the numerous color plates at an affordable cost.Once the books and boxed note cards arrive to Carmel I will then send out the rewards to "Backers." Thus, those that are helping me create Big Sur to Mendocino are a global community. Since I have already created a book, Mendocino: A Painted Pictorial I have experience in this process. The book received critical success with inclusion to the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery of Literature. My goal with Big Sur to Mendocino is to make another Smithsonian worthy book that will celebrate the land and diverse people of California in picture and word.

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