About Big Sur to Mendocino

"John Steinbeck once said that the Salinas Valley haunted him 'like a remembered symphony.' Kevin Milligan's stunning paintings of this region may also linger in the mind. His paintings and the stories that accompany them trace the shadows, surf and human presence in the place Steinbeck called home--Monterey County and North to San Francisco."

Susan Shillinglaw - Executive Director, National Steinbeck Center

"Kevin's book is a treasure chest of stories and paintings and iconic moments that commemorate and illuminate one of the most loved regions of the world."

Paulette Lynch - Executive Director, Arts Council for Monterey County.

"In this book he pays appropriate homage to the artists and writers who came before him. He now adds to this lineage his contribution of unique, tranquil, inspired views that were twenty years in the making."

Marvin Schenck - Board Member, Arts Council of Mendocino County